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My name is Sam G.
I am 20 years old
I live in Oklahoma
I ride a 2006 Suzuki Boulevard
I have come here looking for second opinions on buying a bike from a licensed dealer that is a few years old with 1 mile on it. Any input would be appreciated.

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Other members do like to know they are welcoming a real person so thanks
for letting us know a little about yourself(very little).:smile: Normally just a few more
posts(count of 3) and the rest of the site will open to you. This is the sites
spambot control. Unfortunately it is needed today. But you have to make 15
posts before you can post pictures. Right or wrong it's considered a privilege
to be able to post pictures. Unless you use Tapatalk which somehow
gets around that restriction.

We are friendly site here. Well, most of us:grin:

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Buying a leftover bike is nothing unusual, it can be a great deal as long as the price is right! I bought my 2016 late in 2017 that way, it was greatly discounted, with 3 or 4 miles on it.
Do look into the warranty, does it start the day you buy the bike (the bike is sold as new) or is the bike technically used and the warranty is already gone. That may make a big difference in the value and affect the price.
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