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Other members do like to know they are welcoming a real person so thanks
for letting us know a little about yourself.:smile: Normally just a few more
posts(count of 3) and the rest of the site will open to you. This is the sites
spambot control. Unfortunately it is needed today. But you have to make 15
posts before you can post pictures. Right or wrong it's considered a privilege
to be able to post pictures. Unless you use Tapatalk which somehow
gets around that restriction.

We are friendly site here. Well, most of us:grin:

Too bad about the accident. Hope you didn't get hurt or hurt too badly.
Sometimes though the pain can't be seen as the emotions hurt more
than the physical when it's your pride and joy that is hit.

There could be any number of things wrong. For the folks to help you,
you will have to give as much detail as possible. Was you stopped or
moving? If moving, what gear? If stopped, how far did you get pushed
and did the bike go over? Which side. The devil is in the details. I just
listed a few. But there are numerous other details needed. Everything
that you have done to it before and after the accident. Somethings you
did before might now be screwed up. Or just take it to your local mechanic
or dealer as eyes and ears on it will be mush easier that the amount of
needed in words to help can overwhelm and frustrate everyone.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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