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My name is Thomas.
I'm in my early 30's with light mechanical experience but a capacity for learning and figuring (and sometimes breaking but hopefully fixing too).
I'm in the NY/NJ area.
I currently own :cool: but haven't been riding :confused: a 1983 Honda CB650. It has been customized by the previous owner so it has a swapped tank, a new seat and is generally blacked out. No sidecovers, etc.

It was having some charging issues when i got it home. A mechanic had checked it before purchase and showed proper charging voltage on his multimeter, but when i started riding it, the battery would be drained after an hour or so. I originally thought i was just stalling a lot and asking the battery to crank more than i was giving it a chance to charge. Bought a new sealed battery and got better at NOT stalling but still ended up with a dead battery after 45-60 minutes. I had picked up a pocket jumper and that would get me started but i'd need it EVERY time i got stuck. 5 jumps to get home and almost ran out of juice in the jumper.

My carbs were leaky and clearly in need of attention so i decided to do that rebuild first as my multimeter wasn't with me. Got through it successfully (i felt) and reinstalled the carbs.

Blew the main fuse because i RECONNECTED MY BATTERY BACKWARDS ?‍♂. When i got those delivered i wheeled it out and it fired right up. Sounded good to me, nice and smooth (except for the pang-pang sound that i think is a bad hydraulic lifter). It was raining so i did not ride that day and i needed a new screw to hold my choke cable to the mount as that was stripped. Got all that together and 2 days later suited up to go for my first ride in weeks. Put on my new grips and wheeled her out...turned the start...

I will make my first "Help me" post about this once i'm allowed to, but for now i'll just say i don't know what's wrong.
  • Tested the rectifier -- good (i think)
  • Tested starter relay -- good -- no "click" from starter button, "click" when jumped direct 12v
  • Tested battery -- good
  • Test wiring -- good (i think but am digging deeper tonight)
Because i can't get the relay to click with the button i'm thinking:
  • Bad starter switch (i went with Revzilla's grip install method and rubbing alcohol went all over the switch internals -- shorted?? i've tested and can't see a problem so need advice there)
  • Bad or improperly connected safety switch -- seems the clutch diode is removed and spliced, connection seems ok though -- will track other safety devices this week
So that's it for now...gotta run. Looking forward to picking all your brains.

Thank you.
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