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I am a 5'1 female... But the thing is I mostly really want a crotch rocket... I was thinking either a Honda cbr250r or a Kawasaki ninja 250...

The sport-bike style has probably attracted as many (or more) new riders than the cruiser style has for mid/older riders... just understand that even the smaller ones are designed to emulate their racing counterparts in some fashion, and the learning curve for them will be much closer to vertical than on the bikes that have a more conventional riding posture. Most (new or old) riders are impatient to get riding and don't want (or have the resources to) buy and interim bike just to get to the one they want... Can you start riding on Ninja -- sure, if you excersize reasonable discipline and attack the learning process as a process... But even these smaller sport-bikes (or many others for that matter) have much broader performance boundaries than the new/returning rider...

Be careful (take the MSF course if you haven't already), its an addicting sport -- good luck...

-- Larry
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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