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I've been riding for over fifty years. I currently have a 2006 Kawasaki KLR650 in racing green. Unfortunately it's not my primary hobby any more. I'm looking for a motorcycle identification from a picture I was sent by a good friend.

1. The picture was shot in a war zone as evidenced by the shell marks in the wall behind it. That still leaves most of Europe but not England.
2. I don't believe the picture was reversed as the kick starter is shown hanging straight down on the right side. I don't believe that I've ever seen a motorcycle or picture with the kick start on the left. Also the rifle appears to be a Springfield "03A3" and the bolt in the action points correctly to the right.
3. That said, it has a suicide shifter on the right side of the fuel tank and a rod to the transmission.
4. The motor appears to be of the two stroke variety as indicated by the low attachment of the exhaust pipes to the cylinders and no room for valves at the top of the cylinders.
5. The motor would appear to be a two cylinder because you can see two exhaust pipe tips at the rear wheel.
6. The motor and transmission appear to be two separate items and not in a single case.
7. The chain drive is on the left side of the bike.
8. The exhaust tips on the mufflers seem to compare with several types of German motorcycles.
9. The front end looks like a springer type construction as opposed to fork tubes. The rear is a rigid frame with no suspension.

In conclusion I've come away with the impression it may be German/Austrian/Bavarian in nature. They were big on two stroke engines. the exhaust pipe tips are common on DKW and PUCH along with several others. I've just found no EXACT matches but some very close instances.


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