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Hi folks, my name is a Tony and I haven't been an a bike for about 10 years now but want to start up again.

My query is I had a fall at work and injured my left ankle.
In 2015 my first operation was a total ankle reconstruction and Tedon a Transplants along with an heel reshape and spur removals.
one year later it all went to hell and I was placed in a moon boot for 12 months.
Another year later and another operation took place where bone fragments were removed, the food was cut back making it smaller than the right one and more Spurs removed.
In 2018 more trouble found I had a broken foot, Achilles needed replacement and general tidy up took place. 2019 had the ankle Fused.
Now my issue is, I would love to get back on a bike. However I only have 2% movement in the ankle. Has anyone had an Ankle Fusion to the Left Ankle and can you operate the gears with this Fused Ankle?

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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