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Hi I'm looking for some help in trying to resolve my bike not firing up. I have fresh battery, new ing

I just replaced my old ignition coil (which was reading 1.2ohm) with a new one, but the new one is much shorter fitting, therefore the secondary resistance valve is not touching anything. is this the culprit? (I'm beginner mechanic, trying to learn more)

I am getting a spark when held against engine block , but it seems maybe intermittently powered? sometimes good blue spark, sometimes weaker orange (I think?? from what I see, but this is my first time seeing this)

some further notes, I have cleaned the carb, I know the float bowl is full of fuel. I have not started it up in over 2 years, but at that time was in great running condition.

What is really boggling me is that i'm getting no explosion, even when I can see a spark, and even putting some fuel directly in the cylinder. I can see the in/out-take valves moving fine.

Any help would be much appreciated
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