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93 Nighthawk CB750, 1995 Magna VF750CD, wifey 94 VF750CR
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Got a few bikes to ride again. And a few more to work on.

Looking for places to talk about my crazy ideas and some wrenching.

On the road: my 1993 CB750 nighthawk - needs some luggage stuff and some age appropriate bits (I may have found a tsunami cowl for it....but no racks)
My 1995 VF750CD magna - the purple and white one- have to reinstall the bullet cowl fairing, do some maintenance, get a rear shelf rack to bolt on and wort out the "daily driver" bags.
My wonderful female companion's 1994 magna- also a 750. needs a backrest and the mirrors replaced....and probably a better windshield.

Not on the road:
CM400C needs some tune up and a trailering down here from the old place in northern NV, VF700 sabre needs reassembly and trailering down from northern NV

always more projects than hands.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts