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How come someone from Florida isn't flying the American flag?
Did the Corona get in my lap top?
Don’t ask me. I’ve asked several times what determines the flag and never got an answer that matched what I was seeing.

And to Dooper...


We are friendly site here. Well, most of us?

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Hello everyone
My name is Dooper
I am 37 years old.
I live in Jacksonville, FL
I've never had a motorcycle before. And I just got a 2014 Ninja 650 ABS.
I have come here looking for repair information and upgrades.

Thanks. :)
Welcome Dooper,

One of the first things I do when I purchase a used bike is to change all the fluids, that includes engine oil and filter of course (use motorcycle specific oil, DO NOT use automotive oil). Bleed the brakes. This is especially important with ABS. The orifices,valves in the ABS module are very small and more sensitive to dirty aged brake fluid than non ABS bikes. The coolant probably has not been changed since the bike was new. Again, use only coolant made for motorcycles. Coolant made for cars can have a lot of silicates in it that will damage your water pump over time. The PRO Honda Coolant is very good, it's already pre-mixed so you just pour it in from the bottle.
As far as "upgrades" go for a new, first bike ever rider, add some extra lighting to your bike to make it more conspicuous to traffic from the front and the rear!! Get a full face helmet. If you have a $100 head, get a $100 helmet if you catch my drift. Your a new rider in a heavily populated area with lots of tourists on the roads, checking their phones..."don't let the safety of my ride interfere with your text messaging!". Your in a great area for riding but don't get complacent and let your guard down. Ride safe and enjoy.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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