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2002 Honda VTX, 1995 Ducati, Harley panhead in a box
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Hello community, I’m a newish Harley owner.
I’ve ridden since I was 5, licensed at 16, had everything from a Honda 50, Yamaha Tri-Z, yamaha TW200, Yamaha Radian 600 (2 actually), Honda Nighthawk 700S, then on to a Ninja 7R with a ZX9 motor(insanity!), Suzuki TL1000S. I took a break for a few years and bought a 2004 Road King in October 2021.
I rode the canyons of San Diego on my TL1000S and Ninja, leathers, knee pucks, toe sliders…….
Lots of crazy trips, had to settle down and grow up before I ended up in a wheelchair. Called wife (ex) while I was deployed (USMC) and told her to sell the bike. The bike was well known, It was gone the next day.
My girlfriend told me I would look good on the Harley(2004 Road King Classic injected), I bought it… but not to be a poser, we picked up the bike and rode to Key West via Biketober Fest. Actually picked up the bike with new helmets in hand and headed straight out. Right then.. loved it, freedom.
I’ve been personalizing the bike ever since. Put a 21” on the front, 16” apes, air ride out back, small details here and there.
Parts collecting now to do a front brake change. I want Brembos…. Radial mount Brembos… like on a super bike. Big girl needs to be able to stop my big a$$. I don’t want the same ol performance machine or other glitzy parts catalog stuff that is really made to mainly look good. I want to be different, hard to do on a Harley.
We have put 14,000 miles on the bike, and getting ready for spring. (Brakes, cams, tuner)
Well, I have rambled long enough.
Welcome to the Forum from Roseburg Oregon!
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