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Hey Guys,

I live in Central Virginia and am looking at getting my motorcycle endorsement for my license. I've wanted a Suzuki GSX-R600 for many many years, but I realize that's something that will come with time and experience on a bike and should not be a first bike.

To get the motorcycle endorsement, I would like to take the Virginia Rider Training Program as it exempts me from both the knowledge and road test (as I'm assuming we do much/all of this at the course itself).

With that said though, I keep putting off taking the course because I don't have gear that I can use and don't know anyone to borrow from. The required gear is:
  • Helmets: Full or 3/4 face DOT only. We provide 3/4 face helmets, you may use your own 3/4 or full face (no half shell helmets permitted)
  • Eye protection: sunglasses or prescription glasses will suffice
  • Long-sleeved: Shirt or Jacket
  • Long pants: of denim or material of other equivalent durability
  • Boots: Sturdy, over-the-ankle to protect the ankles and feet ( with little or no heel and no cloth or canvas)
  • Gloves: Full-fingered, made of leather or other material with resistance to abrasion
Out of those, I have the Helmet, Eye protection, potentially long sleeved shirt (as long as something like an under armor shirt works...otherwise I don't have something) and long pants. But don't own anything that could really qualify for the other pieces.

With that said, I obviously don't want to invest a large chunk of money into buying gear to find out by the end of the course that riding isn't what I thought it would be and it's not for me. Any suggestions on how to handle what I feel is this endless cycle of not moving forward with my goal/dream? Thanks everyone!

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Welcome to the Forum.

Go to WalMart & buy a cheap pair of boots that cover your ankle and a cheap pair of leather gloves & sign up for the course. That is the only way you will determine if you really want to be a "Rider". If you keep putting it off you will never know. If you take the course & decide you really want to do this you should then gather some better gear. Good Luck to you.

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Even a long sleeved tshirt is probably acceptable.(it's ok in our program)

We provide helmets for those that don't have one, but it's possible that Virginia doesn't.

Even a 99 cent pair of gardening gloves should do the job as long a they completely cover the fingers and hands.

Hiking boots will work fine as long as they aren't canvas sneakers and cover the ankle bones.
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