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Got my 2018 Honda Africa Twin AS with 1 mile on the odometer back in March, I secured a 3rd party loan, took that check to the dealership and rode off the lot.

In my excitement, I signed all the paperwork too fast and bolted out the door. Once I got to 500 miles, I toyed with the idea of letting the dealership doing the first oil change when I realized I dont remember seeing any paperwork about warranty. I know warranties dont cover regular services, but thinking about the dealership is what led me there. Pulled out the paperwork and sure enough... no warrenty, sold as is.

I bought enough cars from stealerships to know better, I've been victim of yo yo financing, "required" to purchase GAP and service contracts, hidden damages etc. Now when I'm at a dealership, I go prepared, I know what's what, I know when I'm being bull****ted etc But something about buying a brand spankin new bike (first new bike ever) and all that experience went right out the window. It was xmas morning and I was way to excited to hit the road.

Did I get hosed? Or do motorcycle warranties work differently?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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