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need some help ????

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Dear Bike users ....

I'm trying to find a bike suitable for myself. I'm 6ft 6in and 260 pounds. I'm lean but a very big guy. I almost bought a Yamaha TDM 850 the other day but it had too many miles on it. I'm looking for either a sports or sports touring bike. My father is very tall and used to ride a honda transalp but I am wnting
something a little faster than that ???

I plan on riding it at the weekends for a couple of hours.

Should I stay with the touring idea because of my height ???

is there and suitable larger sports bike that I wouldn't drown (CBR/Interceptor) ???

would a ducatti monster work ???

thank you for your help
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Whats up man! Since you are so tall. A bike that sits up a little taller and has plenty of power is the Yamaha FZ1. The 2007 has the motor from the R1. I work for yamaha and have riden this motorcycle. It has a great feel to it and is a fun bike to ride. I am not that small of a guy either i 6' 3" and it wasn't close to being to small. If you want something with a full fairing. You can get one for this bike. That is just a suggestion for you. i know it is a hard dissicion with all the differnet bikes out there. Check it out and let us know what you do.
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