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From what I gather reading these threads, most people on here know what they are doing.

They have been working with engines a while, rebuilt a bike or two, and generally know their way around a shop.

None of this is the case with me. My '07 C50 is the only bike I've ever owned and essentially the only bike I've ever ridden. I've Wanted to ride my whole life, finally got around to it... trying to make some modifications however, and am at a complete loss.

I'm looking for some new pipes. I've seen some I really like, but I don't dare leave my exhaust to merely aesthetics. I also want something more aggressive sounding than my stock "*****cat" pipes, but certainly don't want obnoxiously loud pipes either. Mostly, however, I want to pull a little more performance out of the love of my life.

I've been to a few shops, and asked some questions, but usually get some guy looking at me like I'm a complete moron, and don't leave with much information.


Brands? (to avoid or prefer)
Styles? (pros and cons)
Anything I might not know... I ask here so I can't see people smirking =)
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