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need input please...

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I was wondering what you guys thought about air- cooled engines I have heard they overheat way to quick and **** out all the time but on the other hand I have heard that that isn't true. I live in ny and it gets 90+ in the summer, basically how would a air cooled engine hold up in the heat. Thanks
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Considering they have been around 100+ years and Harley still uses mainly air cooled engines I doubt you will have much trouble. The only time I would say it overheat bad enough to cause damage would be if you were idling in traffic for a half hour on a 90 degree day.If you are stuck in traffic you could just shut it off. As long as you are moving some they will stay cool enough to be ok. There are tons of bikes still being made today that are air cooled.Liquid cooled ones do seem to last longer because they are held to a certain temperature range where an air cooled one the temperature of the engine varies greatly.
It's going to depend on the bike also. My Seca II doesn't run for **** when it's cold, and if it's under 40-45 degrees outside, it never really warms up. On the other end, anything over 80 degrees, it runs better, and when it hits 90, it runs its fastest.

I can't speak for other air cooled bikes, but that's my experience.
Unless the bike has mechanical issues in the first place, you won't have any problems with aircooled bikes. If you're really worried, just try it out. Start it up and let it idle in the heat. See how long it takes (not moving) before you have any problems with heat.
Rubber side down..
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