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my bike is running rich. I have already changed spark plugs fuel pump plus oil and oil filter and a new airfilter as well bikes starts but runs rich. filled the tank twice and only put 10 miles on it. its a cbr954rr 2002 so its fuel injected. changed sparks again after trying to fix what I could diagnose. one is really black other three are fine and brand new changed the other one again also. fuel is going to oil pan. what is most likely wrong with my bike. two out of four pipes are hot outside 2 are cold. tried to clean injectors after the process I got one out of the two not previously hot hot. the other one Luke warm. tried starting again both stay cold again. do I have a engine problem or just need injectors professionaly clean. if you have a blown or cracked gasket caused from over heating would the bike run on two cylinders or is it something else

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Same as I said on the other thread. You need to check the compression, and check for spark. You can check the spray pattern of the injectors, but it is best to let the pros work on them.
The bike has been sitting for 12 years. The compression rings may be stuck.
Knowing what the compression is, and if it has spark, will lead to the next steps. But not much guessing can take place, without some useful information.

At the moment I do not know what controls the timing for the injectors, but that is a later step. Most things start out simply, and then get complicated. But if we do not take care of the basics, we will be chasing a lost cause forever.

There are some knowledgeable guys here, but if you do not follow their suggestions, they would rather go riding, or fishing. Which is what I will be doing in two weeks.


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Swap injectors from the cylinder with the fouled plug (a) to one with a clean plug (b). Replace the fouled plug with a clean plug. Start the bike. If cylinder (a) runs ok and (b) fouls, replace the injector.

Cylinders with cold pipes are a sign of no combustion. Could be spark, fuel, or compression related. Do a compression test. It's not hard to do. Low compression might be due to rings, broken rod, stuck valve, or a blown head gasket. Rings, stuck valve, or blown head gasket could be why you have fuel in the oil.

Good luck.
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