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Need Help Diagnosing Noise

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I recently changed my oil, sprockets and chain for before the first ride out of the summer on my 2003 CBR954RR last week. (Missed May/June due to school and work) At 3500 rpm a sudden clacking noise occurs no matter which gear I鈥檓 in. It sounds like the chain slapping a guard but then at 3600+ or 3400- rpm it disappears. It does not occur when the bike is in neutral and I rev it up to 3500 rpm. I鈥檝e taken off the front sprocket guard and it still occurs. Any advice what it may be? I鈥檓 nervous to ride my bike into the ground if it isn鈥檛 fixed. I did not use a torque wrench when I tightened the front sprocket down which may have cause overtightening possibly? Or possibly the chain isn鈥檛 tight or loose enough? Any advice would be great!
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Simplest first:

Have you checked the master link? When mine half popped loose it did this...thankfully, it only did this in the first minutes so I got wise and got it done right...well, wise, it was the first chain I ever did, lol.
When you adjusted the chain, did you find the tight spot by rotating thru several times. Or is it possible you are off one tooth or they sold you the wrong sprocket. Did you change both or just one? Changing just one can do that. I always bought a set but I also went to a drive shaft because I hated the constant adjusting. So I don't have a lot of experience with chains other than know I don't care for them.:D
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