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Hi folks!

So, I'm struggling to make up my mind about buying a used motorcycle in Japan. I'll try make it as short as possible. I'll also post links (you can translate the pages to English if you have chrome).

1. 1990 Honda VFR750F
  • 40,000Km
  • the cheeper option (2000$)
  • based on what I read up/watched about the bike, it's also my preferred option. These engines are said to run better than most and the bike is considered by many as one of the best motorcycles ever.
  • could give me problems (although, I figure if I'm buying an old Japanese bike, this is the place to do it...). Even though the engine may be fine, there could be other problems which make this the NOT cheaper option... Let alone safety or failure in the middle of nowhere ?
  • link:

2. 2007 Kawasaki versys 650

Sooo, what do you guys think? Can you please give me your tidbits on the matter? Do any if you have experience with these bikes?

Any and all help is appreciated :)

  • Both motorcycles are from dealers and, thus, have gone through a maintenance. The dealers can assure that both bikes are working fine right now with no apparent problems. You must understand that ripping off happens less here because they really take their reputations really seriously.
  • In Japan, cars and motorcycles over 249cc MUST by law go through the "Shaken" every 2 years, which is a like a road worthy check. It is rather costly (about 500$ for motorcycles) and the bike must be in top shape to pass. Now, I have not seen first hand whether or not this makes vehicles here better taken care of, but I assume this means that vehicles that pass should be... okay at the very least...?


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2. The 650. Smaller, easier to ride. Guarantee. Newer. More a crotch rocket bike.

Unless you plan on more of a highway bike. Touring kinda.
For that, the full faring on the 750 would be good.

Both nice bikes
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