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hello all. im new hear and looking for some help.

i have recently bought a off road quad with a suzuki rf600r engine fitted. 1993-4

the loom is a complete mess caused by the last owner bodging it in the frame.
the loom is completely un-useable but i have all boxs and components in good working condition.

what im wanting to know is.. does any one know how to wire the bike from scratch just to get a spark so i can run the bike and wire the rest in after. i am only wanting to get the engine to run so i can then make sure its a worth wile project.

the engine turns over well but no spark what so ever.
iv had it sparking before on the old loom but it kept shorting out so i have removed this. i have kept all the cdi,coils ect ect.

i want to know how to wire the engien to the cdi and then to the coils. so i can just jump start the engine from the starter motor and run. after this i am able to wire up the starter and battery/alternator after. any help would be grate.. but a simple drawing of a basic ignition will be spot on. cheers in advance. nick
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