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Where we go from here is this suggestion as the problem you have is VERY common and has happened to lots of us:surprise:

This trick has saved my Bacon many times with my bikes doing the same thing as yours:

Buy a bottle of Chevron Techron (the best) or Seafoam or Lucas Carb/ Fuel injection cleaner and put at least 1/2 of the can in your fuel tank and find a place where you can ride the 'snot' out of the bike, reving it out as hard as possible, downshifting at high rpm's, just short of 'lockup,' and continue this for as long as it takes for the symptoms to disappear:smile_big: This uses all circuits in the Carb's from idle to main's.:wink2:

This 'cure,' can sometimes do miracles and keep you from having to disassemble the carbs again. This is all 'fuel related,' with the mid-range jets still clogged up. As long as your floats haven't developed a leak (Shake them) and need to be replaced, don't touch your float level. I have never, ever had to adjust the factory float level on any bike.:wink2:

The last bike I had to do this to was in 1999, on my 1997 Suzuki Bandit 1200S, when I had let it sit in my garage since I had a brand new Honda Valkyrie Interstate that got my attention more than the Suzuki.:plain: It took about 100 miles of hard riding, on rural country roads for the Techron to completely clean the fuel system and make the bike run like new again:grin:

All of my bikes and my Cages periodically get the same treatment to hopefully keep the 'Demon Ethanol,' from doing it's dastardly thing from the fuel tank to the exhaust:surprise:

1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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