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Need advise on 600CC bike

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Hi I"m new in this forum and need your help in choosing a "Mid-naked" bike.

Due to new regulations in my country (Israel) there will be an segnificant increase in selling "Mid-naked" bikes. untill now these bikes wer'nt popular and some of the models wern't imported at all, therefore there is a little knowledge and experience on these bikes. that the story in short.

I"M riding a Suzuki GS500E at present and wan't to by a motocycle for every day use. The most popular bikes that will be selling here will be the Suzuki 650SV, Honda 599 (hornet), Yamaha FZ600 (fazer) and the Kawasaki Z750S.

Please advise from your experience Which one will do the Job best?
Is there a big differece between the naked models and the Half fairing models?


Please don't hasitate to write to my private massage if you think your answer might be unacceptable by the forum rules.
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I would think any of those bikes would do the job. It boils down to looks and price there.
I would think any of those bikes would do the job. It boils down to looks and price there.
Ditto. I have a 93 XJ600 Seca II(US name)/Diversion(Europe name) with the small fairing, and it does very little to reduce the wind. Some of the newer bikes will do a better job in that department. All of your choices are reputable bikes, pick which you like best.
the nice things about the Kawasaki Z750s are:
-comfortable riding style: you aren't hunched over like the others, but its still aggressive, and can ride for longer times on a more comfortable seat.
-more power: don't know what else to say about that, you've got a lot more ponies pushing ya
-half fairing: really does a great job of blocking some of that wind
-fuel injection: carbs suck

What is lacking, at least in the US, is aftermarket support. Not many parts and such to throw on there.

Good luck and enjoy!
I think this wins, almost 3yrs and 5months between the last 2 posts!
Just trying to add with my limited knowledge to whoever might find it useful haha
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