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Very neat!!!!

Screw and locknut valve adjustments is a money saver.

That will be the main attraction at the Bike Coffee shop.

Sam. :bigthumb:
I think it is a unique bike. I had a chance to ride an 860 when I was in my early 20's (many, many years ago) and haven't seen one in the area since.
This should be fun.

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The 860 "winter project" is going well. I think I'm ahead of schedule.
Replaced fork seals, front wheel bearings, brake lines, dash assembly, tach and speedometer cable, brake cable and switch, clutch cable and all LED lighting completed. LED headlight, stop/tail, turn, dash and gauge bulbs. Added an LED flasher relay, no resistors needed. Also replaced the handlebars (lower), new switch and cable boots, battery, neutral switch and replacing engine cover gaskets and bolts.
Cleaned and lubed the chain and sprockets, shifter box and clutch release rod(s), valves adjusted.
Have done a lot of cleaning/polishing!
Next will be carb kits and making new throttle and choke cables. Three of each.
Hopefully it will be a fun, reliable, daily ride, next year. Bike will be 46 years old in January. Build date 1/75.


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Is that in your living room? Looks clean now, should be show room new when you are done.
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