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My New Bike

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An orange 1975 Ducati 860 GT. My last 7 bikes have been black, finally a different color. Still keeping the 2018 Harley Fat Bob so it will be a little of day and night.
I had a new Ducati 750 GT in 1973 so it only took me 47 years to buy another bevel head.

I have the brochure, just waiting for the bike to be delivered.

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There was an electric start option for this bike. It was "CHAIN DRIVE"! The option added 40 pounds to the bike.
Yes. It was called the GTE (E for electric) and also came with twin discs on the front. I had a 1975 model - it came in metallic green. I bought it in 1978. I actually removed the starter because it was humongous and heavy, and kick starting seemed to suit the bike. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how well the bike handles. This is a pic of the model I had.

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Cool, indeed! When the side cover is in place, can you see this through the slots?
Nope....unless you really look up close.
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