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My New Bike

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An orange 1975 Ducati 860 GT. My last 7 bikes have been black, finally a different color. Still keeping the 2018 Harley Fat Bob so it will be a little of day and night.
I had a new Ducati 750 GT in 1973 so it only took me 47 years to buy another bevel head.

I have the brochure, just waiting for the bike to be delivered.

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I hope my sore, old knee can still do a kick start! :unsure:
Tune it right and that^ shouldn't be a problem . ;)
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My apologies but, how does one tune a knee please?
LOL . Tune 'the Duc' ...
Or maybe get new knees . ;)
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I've been grounded for the past three works. Doctor said not to ride my motorcycle until my next appointment which is next week so if you can't ride it's a perfect time to buy another motorcycle.
I had a torn retina, and they used a laser to fix it (I hope). I asked the doctor "what causes that?" She says "'ve had a lot of birthdays". Hmmm
She was just being nice and didn't want to say that you probably tore it when jerking around to look at one of those hotties you rode past . ;)
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You best un-cross those fingers before you get on that Ducati . LOL
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