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My friend...

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So I'm new to bikes never been a fan of the 2 wheels but 4 months ago my friend bought a bike and pretty fast one at that, anyways a week or two later he had convinced me I need a bike I fought with the idea and said F it and now I have my 1982 honda.

So I have my full licence I enjoy my bike and see many more in my future but as of late my friend seems to have a problem with the way I ride, i am laid back I use the time on the bike to relax and am happy with wandering about the highway from 65 to 80... He on the other hand is not 90 is slow and cruising speed is a buck + and all I hear is I need to pick it up go go go one day you will want to go fast ect when in reality I have no need for speed lol I'm happy with boring old 70mph. I was wondering if any of you have any advice on how to get him to see it from a different perspective of go go go 100+ all the time lol thanks
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Ride your own ride, and let him ride his.
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Well friend, I have to tell you that, "If you try to ride someone else's ride , meaning to ride as they do, you are NOT doing
yourself any favors. Even at 70 mph for a new rider, I don't think it the best idea going, but if you feel better at that speed
and it is legal, compared to your friend who reaches the hundred an then some mph mark and that right there will allow him
to pay a hefty speeding ticket.

I have had SO many great rides, meandering along main back roads where I might see 3 cars in an hour, passing farms,
barns, old country stores, horses, cows, railroad yards and never doing more than 60, every now an then I might wanna
open her up to see what she can do, that's on the hi-way. Some who get into biking like to work on low speed skills that
could actually save your bacon some time, others get a lot of satisfaction doing their own maintenance, Speed to me is not
the BIG thing, nice to know you have it if you need it, but I'd rather just ride at legal speeds.

Don't let others suck you into 'WIMPOPHOBIA' like if ya can't keep up to me you're a pansy-ass or some BS like that.
This friend, to me is 'BAD NEWS' sorry but I think he's crazy and it takes experience to ride like that as well as a lot of
mental work, and things can happen VERY fast, Just as one can outrun their headlights, you can OUTRUN your eyes, YUP,
By the time he spots a serious threat, doing a hundred an twenty, he just might not have the needed braking distance for
that speed, way I see it, this guy's speeding to the morgue.

Kind of strange that he wanted someone to ride with, knowing you are new at biking YET wanting you to ride the way he does,
I'd stay away from him to be quite frank about it.
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Yeah, he sounds like a future organ donor/Darwin award winner, to me. I know my Valkyrie can do the ton, and then some, but do I? I'd rather cruise at 40-60 on back roads, and enjoy, too. High speeds are for track days, not busy highways, IMO.
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Friends don't let Friends ride over their Heads

Ride at a sane speed!
Learn your limitations before you reach you Limit!
You can't smell the Roses at 100 MPH.
Please be careful while you ride your Motorcycle.
A true friend would not wish you to be a statistic.
It's your Life! It's your Bike! It's your Decision!
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Tell him you will meet him at your destination and then ride the way you want. Don't let him talk you into riding his ride.
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Good words Critter, Personally I'd think long an hard about 'My friend' I don't feel I am judgemental but when someone I know
knows that I am new to biking and wants me to keep up to well over a hundred miles an hour I gotta scratch my head an wonder
"Just what in hell's he up to?" Something tells me that if if Stealthbowl crashed and needed help, I think Mr. Speed demon would
make sure he is NOT around, maybe not nice but his so called friend wanting him to ride at well over legal speeds?

This is for you Stealthbowl, I'd dump that so called friend, lots of guys love riding, within the limit and really enjoy it, I would NOT
trust that guy. I know guys who do 200+ at the track, not on public roads an federal hiways. You have to know something aint
quite right here, I don't know how long this so called friend's been riding but it is obvious you don't care for the way he rides OR
that he makes it known he does not like the way you ride. Lose him.
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All good advice here. My right shoulder now works as a weather vane as a result of trying to ride above my ability. To me riding is a lot like camping. Just because we are friends does not make us great partners.
Ride your own ride, and let him ride his.
That's exactly what I was thinking. I think he's risking getting hurt, and if not a ticket, but if that doesn't slow him down, you can't make him be you, and if you did, he may not be happy about it.

Sounds to me like you need to find other riders to ride with which agree with your riding style. Personally, I ride WAY too fast a lot, but I always ride a little faster than those around me since my mirrors suck and I feel that keeping track in front of me a bit more than those who are behind me is important. But that's me riding to the crazy freeway riders around me. I'm happier at 70 MPH. I can hear my tunes and the wind noise is way down. My gas mileage is 50's instead of 48. So many benefits in my mind to going slower.
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