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If your serious about looking for a Servi-Car there is one sitting in the basement of a Harley Dealer near me, in a whole bunch of other old , some weird bikes. Or at least it was there about a year ago when I stopped in at an open house, and it looked like it had been there for years.
Baer in Honesdale, PA but don't tell Miss M :)

The Servi-cars were the last of the Harley Side Valve / Flathead engines and I recall seeing Chicago cops using these up through the late 80s. You'd think I'd find one on Craigslist, but I might as well face the fact that Miss M. will beat me to it. I guess I'll have to be content with a Cushman!

Check out this Indian side valve custom I saw the 2019 IMA show:
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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