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Hi everyone - first, a disclaimer: I know nothing about motorbikes, vintage or new, and I'm just here to get some opinions from the experts!

My dad has a couple of vintage BSA's sitting in his shed - one is an A10 from 1961, apparently all original with no modifications. It has a Canterbury Carmobile sidecar attached from the same era. Both bike and sidecar are in need of restoring after being left open to the elements for a number of years.

The other is a 1959 Golden Flash which was dismantled many years ago, and I'm told is in reasonably good condition (complete frame, wheels, engine and gearbox).

A guy is showing interest in them for a restoration project, and if he chooses to sell I'd like to make sure he's getting a fair price. Does anyone have any ideas what he should be asking?

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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