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Like the way you think xD

My music is highly dependent on both mood and activity.

If I want to hear my bikes sing, I'll put on something that pumps me up, like so:

Oh, and my motorcycle/scooter anthem! Which I suppose is like the Born to be Wild of my generation??

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Like Aphrodite, depends on the mood. My little cheapo helmet communicator paired to a BT MP3 player doesn't do the bass on this (or any) song justice, but I do like music with punch when I'm riding. Mad Mountain King from the Joy album by Apollo 100 gets me into trouble speed-wise but I still love it.


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Different strokes for different folks. But if you're getting into trouble, speed-wise, maybe you ought to switch to something that keeps your blood down to a simmer. :cool:

Find a new equal to Foghat's Slow Ride. Keeps me at, or below, the posted speed limit.
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