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Moving a Bike...

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I am going to be moving soon and I was going to put my bike in the uhaul.

If I do this, will all my stuff smell like gas after the trip?

I am already towing one vehicle. Any other ways to move the bike?
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I doubt all your stuff will smell like gas. I wouldn't try to ride it up into the truck though:
DO NOT haul your bike with fuel in the tank.

Drain the fuel out.
Use some type of centerstand or other means of keeping the bike straight upright.
tie off to the load strap points on both sides of the box, level with where the straps hold the bike.
Nuthin' to it.:cool:
I haul my Harleys, dirtbike and used to haul a zx600 race bike. As long as they are properly tied down I have never had a problem with fuel leaking and my trailer smelling like gas. The only problem I have had is the plastic gas can expanding from the heat in the tailer. I always vent the can. Then you could get alittle fuel smell.

I did this years ago. We ran the carb dry, and then removed the tank and took it separately. The bike was in the moving van with everything my parents owned, and not a thing came out smelly.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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