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Community Rules
  1. Please take a moment to introduce yourself in New Member Introduction section.
  2. This site maintains a 3 strike rule. 2 warnings. The third violation within 6 months is an automatic permanent ban.
  3. PLAY NICE! That means be polite. We take this rule very seriously. This is a friendly place and we do not tolerate any rudeness or impoliteness. Any member who is intentionally unpleasant or disruptive may be banned temporarily or permanently. Temporarily is your warning. Permanently at moderators' discretion.
  4. All posted links must be accompanied by an accurate verbal(text/typed) description.
  5. No soliciting contributions from members is allowed.
  6. No blatant hijacking is allowed. All posts must address, or be in response to, the Original Post. Threads will wander on their own naturally.
  7. No Power Posting. Examples of power-posting are replying to a message with only 'LOL' or 'I agree', but failing to contribute anything further or of value to the discussion. This can/will get you banned.
  8. Respect for all members. Personal attacks will not be tolerated. Civil debate is encouraged, and differences of opinion are celebrated, but only if it remains civil, productive, and respectful.
  9. Harassment, Stalking, or Doxing is prohibited. A member's real name, address, location, phone number, photos, or other personally identifiable information can only be voluntarily posted by the member the information pertains to. Violations with the intent to cause harm or intimidate members will be referred to local or federal authorities for prosecution.
  10. The language standards and content of this forum is "PG-13". While there is a language filter in place, it is the poster's responsibility to refrain from posting adult content and language in the normal forum sections. The Biker's Bar section of the forum has more relaxed rules for those who wish to post or read more adult content. This forum may be for paid subscribers in the future.
  11. No member may register a "dot com" name( or any name with a link embedded. Any such name will be summarily banned.
  12. No member may embed a live link(hotlink) or printed web address to any outside site in their signature (or any graphics therein) or have an email address or phone number as any part of their signature.
  13. Do not post any link or printed web address to any competitive forum at any time.
  14. No advertising is allowed in the forum. No sales of items or services are allowed in the forum except paid vendors. This includes YouTube advertising for the user. Links to any commercial sites must be on topic to the thread they are posted in and only placed for informational reasons and not for advertising. This also includes any avatar or member name suggesting a place of business. Review the Policy On Advertising.
  15. Complaints about rule violations, bans, and warnings by the staff will be handled by a private conversation with the forum administrators, not in the forum itself. Please use the "Report Post" button to deal with posts that violate the rules.
  16. ONE user account/username is allowed per person except paid vendors. They may have 2, a business account and a personal account. That's the ONLY exception.
  17. Duplicate posts and cross posting not allowed- Please post your thread only once, not across several sub-forums.
  18. We DO NOT want our Moderators harassed or attacked in any way. This WILL NOT be tolerated. If it happens, you will be GONE! NO questions asked, you will be banned.
  19. DO NOT use the Motorcycle Forum logo or its name in personal advertising or posting on other sites as if you post dangerous or politically disagreed with contents we do not wish to be tied up in that mess. We like motorcycle's and that is what this forum is about here. Much as we would like people to see our content and be part of this community we can not control what get said outside of this forum. If caught violating this outside of the forum can get you banned in this forum. VerticalScope does its own advertising in its own trusted paid ways. Also in addition to do not make memes, pictures or other content incorporating that name.
The full terms of use can are found here. Terms of Use

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Updated 8/18/2021
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