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I have a 2009 Hyosung 250. I just purchased a brand new battery and its tested to be working fine. I had an issue with my last two batteries and still have an issue with the new battery where my bike will not cold start without being jumped/hooked to a battery tender. Turn the key dash lights up everything looks good, press the starter hear a slight click, no start no crank. Checking the voltage of the battery reads over 12V. Hook up to a tender and bike starts immediately.

*NOTE: bike will start again if ridden recently, i.e. I take it for a ride turn off, run inside store quickly, starts back up.

I don't know what the issue is. I've done some research and thought maybe it was a dirty solenoid, or parasitic draw... but the solenoid kept sparking when i tried to test it and I couldnt find the fuse box on my bike...

please help.


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I'd start by checking the battery cables, both ends, for corrosion. The negative cable that connects to the frame/engine mount is usually the cause. Disconnect, scrub with a wire brush and contact cleaner like DeoxIt, and make sure where it contacts the frame is clean, too.
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