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Winger is the name of my GL1000

Welp. Got into the many construction zones and was signalling and moving over per the signage. He was racing to be in front during one of them. Soon as we came out of the one construction we both entered he darted around me and got in front of me slamming on his brakes so I darted around him thought that would be it that he would not try to go as fast as I was going because I accelerated up to about 85 mph. I was wrong he came up to me on the left side and held there I looked over at him and he flipped me off and thus I returned the favor. I then got swerved at. We were way ahead of anyone around, so I hit my brakes hard, very very hard and so did he. I then accelerated as fast as my bike would possibly take me. He paced the entire way and I had more throttle but my steering was so light I got steering wobble, so had to back off to keep it under control. At this time there was other vehicle coming into the picture now and I was weaving through them and so was he. I then moved into a construction zone were it was one lane on the left lane, I passed on the very narrow shoulder on the inside. This was the first break I got from this guy he could not catch me for the other vehicles at this point. I was about 6 cars ahead of him and a couple semis too. Soon as I came out of the construction I dove into the first exit I saw was going to get out of his sight and cool off and drink water. He must have seen me exit but not knowing were I went he sat on the on off ramp. I finished drinking my water and got back on the expressway and had a local police, sheriff and state trooper (3) pull me over asking me what the heck was going on, and if I knew him and asking me why and what was the deal. They said someone reported an accident, I got no clue what his deal was. Only thing I can figure is he wanted to be in front and he was going to be, I tried to let him, but he decided it was drama time I recon. If it was not in the middle of nowhere I would have just pulled over, but not knowing and him and he having Alabama plates nor knowing his motive for such aggressive behavior I chose to flee and avoid. In retrospect I can only think I could have ignored him and not returned the gesture with the attitude finger. I also have no idea what he was told or said. What ever it was the state trooper basically told the other two officers that he was full of it.

About it, after being held up on the side of the interstate in full sun for about 15-20 minutes we both got let go and I ran into him further down the road, but got off behind him and stayed off and had some lunch to let him get down the road.

All I know is it was scary. People are nutz. I probably could have used a weapon or one of my former sport bikes for speed. The trooper at least understood I could not just pull over in the situation and call anyone, because he was stalking and threatening me. Still not sure if he got a citation or not though, may never know.
Jesus. The more time I spend on the road, the more I want to buy a GoPro. I don't care to record me tooling about, but it can be helpful in those cases where a video sent off to the state police might see the guy in some trouble.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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