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Motorcycle Safety

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I am a student at Georgia Tech researching ways to make it safer to ride motorcycles without taking away from the fun. Please take 30 seconds to fill out this short survey to potentially help save lives. Over 5,000 people die each year and 88,000 people are injured each year in motorcycle accidents in the US alone.
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I appreciate your effort.

Your survey can be improved.

I wear an airbag vest. You have that covered.

I wear full Motoport armoured gear. It is among the best for safety available.

I wear a Shuberth full faced helmet. This a is a fairly expensive but good quality helmet to protect my noggin.

I have installed additional lights for better visibility

I wear florescent yellow gear and helmet for better visibility.

For improved safety my bike has advanced ABS and traction control.

My bike has a LOUD horn which many bikes don't have and need to be added.

I am careful how I ride. I try to anticipate cage drivers actions. I try to minimize the chance of a cage encroaching on my space.

This is the MOST important point: Safety on a bike is a layered approach. Everything extra you can do increases your chances.
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We just did this about a month ago.
Are the injuries and deaths you list, higher in the US than other countries. If they are much higher, then research what other countries are doing.
If they are much lower, then there is not much to fix. However any crash is one too many.
Please be aware that in some Asian countries, the number of riders on small bikes is huge.

Further: If you perceive that the US has a problem, what are you doing about it, other than taking a survey? The survey seems to have been done already, as you were able to get the numbers. Do you ride a bike? If yes, I will be pleased to discuss your riding to date.

I got my licence to thrill in 1961. Have had zero crashes on the public roads. I know why, but many will not listen to what an older more experienced guy has to say. I will chat with those that are interested. But advanced riding is not a hot item. Defensive riding, and rider education, and practicing in the dirt, are the answers IMO.

Bon chance. UK
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I have two crashes under my belt. One was a Chinese man that was looking me square n the eye and waited until I was impossibly close to pull out in front of me (left turn) and the second was an oil slick that drop me without a vote in a nanosecond. Both just under 50 years ago, none since.

"How much would you pay for something that would save your life" is different from, "How much would you pay for something that may save your life in some instances if the conditions are right". Which did you really mean?

One could reduce deaths and injuries significantly by outlawing automobiles from making left hand turns. That's as likely to happen as an air bag bubble of any sort. With the bike mounted air bag options you offered up would you have seat belts also? The air bag suit with a tether would be great. Kind of a whole body Helite Turtle Airbag. Hit something and the whole thing blows up and you bounce on down the road.
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The solutions proposed in the survey seem to miss the point that most of us, at least in the US, could simply swap the motorcycle for a car. Traveling in the open is kind of the point. It awakens the senses and makes us feel connected to the world in a visceral way that a cage cannot do. Being em-bubbled in an airbag system or surrounded by a cage would likewise defeat the point.

I second the good Major's excellent observation about the false dichotomy raised in at least one of the survey questions.

Mr. Junkbond's post recites what I would consider much more meaningful suggestions about ways to increase safety on the road.

P.S. Mr Junkbonds: I laud your endeavors. A louder horn is now on the list.
Something to consider.
The fastest and best riders in the world today, race in Moto GP. They have over 1000 crashes between them this year, with no serious injuries. How come? There are no solid objects to hit. Avoid the solid objects, and we should be fine. The problem is, others place their solid objects in front of us. With collisions between bikes and cages, where over 60% are the cages fault; we need to remove cages from the road, and take a defensive driving course. Could plan to take some serious braking lessons too.

Young men will continue to do dumb things, and find new and exciting ways to injure themselves. The Left Wing Loonies would like to breed / brain wash, that out of the system. It will not work.
To the original question, it is a bit like asking how we can make waves and surf boards safer for surfing. Or mountains safer for climbing.

There ain't no use to wonder why, 'cause whoopee we all gonna die. Country Joe and the Fish.

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I didn't read the survey... Did I miss anything I need to know? :devil:
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