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Motorcycle Picture Challenge....

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We did this on another bike forum and it was fun. The intent is to get out and ride to complete the challenge before someone else does. All you need to do is take a picture of your bike with the challenge item in the background.

The rules here are simple. Be sure to note them before creating the next challenge for the rest of us.

1 - Has to be YOUR motorcycle.
2 - Picture has to be taken after challenge is made.
3 - Challenge is good for 2 weeks, if it is not met, the previous picture poster picks a new challenge.
4 - Nothing illegal to be challenged.
5 - Keep comments to a minimum, if you comment, post the current challenge after your comment. In Bold Italics
6 - No repeat challenges.
7 - All challenges must be of your bike and a landmark, something most people can ride to or find in their area.
8 - No other bikes can be used in a challenge, ie. your bike next to a Ducati. Some exceptions allowed, ie. you bike next to a bike cop.
9 - All challenges can be removed by moderators. At which point the postee of the challenge will be asked to change his current challenge. After being asked once and there is no change or challenger posts another crapy challenge then the prior challenge winner will pick a new one.

Examples - "Your motorcycle in a garage", "Your motorcycle crossing a river", "Your motorcycle with no engine", "Your motorcycle next to a firetruck" etc. Doesn't need to be a fancy picture, cell phones, whatever works.

Thanks guys. Remember, this thread is supposed to get guys to WANT to go ride right away and beat your friend to the picture challenge, be creative, but have limits. Thanks.

First Challenge:

Your bike in front of a sporting goods store.
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T55 or T62...

Ops gets the ^... It is a T54/55.

The only difference between the two is the cannon. The T54 did not have a bore evacuator and the T55 had one at the muzzle end. Since the T55 had an improved cannon tube and the rest of the tank is identical.... When the T54 tubes were worn out, they replaced them with tubes from the T55.

Once again my inner geek bubbles to the surface.... With an infatuation with armored fighting vehicles/tanks/Helo's it only made sense for me to serve as a Scout in the military.....
"I'll give you an internet Hi 5 if you can Identify that tank without looking it up....."

The gap between the front road wheels tells me it is a T-55 or more likely some variation of one, or at least that's what I think I remember. The side skirts tell me it is likely a later variation, as does the general "busy" look of the turret roof. I know there were copies made of the T-55, but I forget what countries made them and what the differences were, or what they were called. I think China has a similar tank copied from the soviet tank, as does Poland. The side skirts really make me think it's an Iraqi army version.

Let me down easy if I wasn't even close man.
Helll, here I was typing away and I never looked at the second page here.
uh-oh! Looks like this one is gonna make it to the 2 week deadline! :thumbsdown:
I know where one is, just have to get the homeowners permission to put my bike in the driveway for the photo op. I will cruise by there in the morning and make an attempt.
Well, this afternoon is the 2 week mark for this challenge, are we going to have a last minute entry, or do we need a new challenge?
This one should be alot easier. A photo of your motorcycle with a roadside billboard advertising a radio station.
I'm not claiming victory on the challenge I just like to play, billboards are not allowed in the town I live in and signs can only be a certain height. This is what our radio stations "billboard" looks like and the little cream colored bike next to mine is one of my 16 yr old daughters bikes.


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As just a member I would say it is good, but I really am a nobody.
next challenge?
Nobody's a nobody :thumbsup: That's not a roadside billboard its just the sign in front of the radio station I just took the picture to take it.
I love the victory bikes, and what's your daughter driving? Looks like you are teaching her well! :thumbsup:
My vote is that it meets the challenge. It's all that's legally allowed where he lives for billboards, and a lot of places have restrictive laws like that.
That's a 1990 Virago 250 Route 66, nice little bike to ride back and forth to school and around town.

People call my wife and I crazy for getting her a motorcycle but the way I look at is she wont be texting or talking on her phone she wont have a bunch of kids crammed in a vehicle distracting her while driving, I'm less worried about her on her bike. In fact we're not buying her a car until she starts collage.
I vote yes on the billboard also! Next challenge.
He's just going to post pictures of the bike and not the daughter?


1601 - 1620 of 7798 Posts