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Motorcycle Picture Challenge....

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We did this on another bike forum and it was fun. The intent is to get out and ride to complete the challenge before someone else does. All you need to do is take a picture of your bike with the challenge item in the background.

The rules here are simple. Be sure to note them before creating the next challenge for the rest of us.

1 - Has to be YOUR motorcycle.
2 - Picture has to be taken after challenge is made.
3 - Challenge is good for 2 weeks, if it is not met, the previous picture poster picks a new challenge.
4 - Nothing illegal to be challenged.
5 - Keep comments to a minimum, if you comment, post the current challenge after your comment. In Bold Italics
6 - No repeat challenges.
7 - All challenges must be of your bike and a landmark, something most people can ride to or find in their area.
8 - No other bikes can be used in a challenge, ie. your bike next to a Ducati. Some exceptions allowed, ie. you bike next to a bike cop.
9 - All challenges can be removed by moderators. At which point the postee of the challenge will be asked to change his current challenge. After being asked once and there is no change or challenger posts another crapy challenge then the prior challenge winner will pick a new one.

Examples - "Your motorcycle in a garage", "Your motorcycle crossing a river", "Your motorcycle with no engine", "Your motorcycle next to a firetruck" etc. Doesn't need to be a fancy picture, cell phones, whatever works.

Thanks guys. Remember, this thread is supposed to get guys to WANT to go ride right away and beat your friend to the picture challenge, be creative, but have limits. Thanks.

First Challenge:

Your bike in front of a sporting goods store.
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I just want to get mine back out of the garage!!!! :(
I cant wait for spring/summer to come!!! Minnesota needs to get warmer!! I got my first bike right at the end of fall... I like good deals!! haha
I couldn't get any closer because the gate was closed but you can see the plow in the background.

Next Challenge: Your bike next to an electronic sign indicating the outside temperature.... You get an internet ^5 if it indicates a temperature below freezing.


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Your bike over looking a lake from a hill or mountain
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Next challenge: You bike in a "motorcycle specific" parking space.
I saw some at a walking park I go to. These were white rectangles with "Motorcycle Parking" painted within them.
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wow no one could get that one lol
Maybe if either A) Gerbing would send me my heated glove liners or B) The temp would get above 40 in the morning, I could get this one.
The two week time limit doesn't expire until Sunday, 2/10.
i realize that the time isent up yet but i had figured that this one would be done in a day lol
I could go down to the parking garage and park my bike in such a spot, except that all spots are taken. Bikes have spread out to the adjacent car spaces.
I could get this done except for that I had to have that damn bike towed to Honda..again!! sigh....
I'd have this one, if it wasnt for the snowstorm; at school there is a motorcycle only parking lot right on campus.
I rode in to work in spite of cold pouring rain, so ......

I want to see Your bike next to a Caution sign about wet surfaces.

I don't care if it is a road sign "slippery when wet" or the kind they put out after mopping the floor.
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It's kind of cheating and may not be what you're looking for. The mop bucket has the warning on it. The sad little corner my bike is shoved in to right now.

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Sorry I was looking through the list trying to see if this had been done. I didn't see it but I'm sure you'll correct me if it has.

Your bike in front of a T.V. station building.
man if i the clutch on the bike dident just go out id have this one tomorrow....there's one like 2 miles from me.
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