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I came SO close to getting this on Saturday, we were riding to Sam's Club to pick up a few things. I saw a guy wearing a sign that advertised an all you can eat pizza buffet as we got off the highway, but on the other side of the divided road we were on and standing on a traffic island, kind of an awkward spot. I figured I'd collect it after we picked up the things we needed and were headed back that way, told my wife about it when we stopped and we made a plan to head over there, park in the pizza stores lot, and go talk to sign dude, ask him to pose with our bikes and get the picture.
30 minutes later we headed over there, and he was gone..I think the lunch buffet offer had ended and the sign guy went away.

You snooze you lose!

I've been pursuing this one to no avail as well, the hunt continues...
2981 - 3000 of 7646 Posts