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Motorcycle Picture Challenge....

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We did this on another bike forum and it was fun. The intent is to get out and ride to complete the challenge before someone else does. All you need to do is take a picture of your bike with the challenge item in the background.

The rules here are simple. Be sure to note them before creating the next challenge for the rest of us.

1 - Has to be YOUR motorcycle.
2 - Picture has to be taken after challenge is made.
3 - Challenge is good for 2 weeks, if it is not met, the previous picture poster picks a new challenge.
4 - Nothing illegal to be challenged.
5 - Keep comments to a minimum, if you comment, post the current challenge after your comment. In Bold Italics
6 - No repeat challenges.
7 - All challenges must be of your bike and a landmark, something most people can ride to or find in their area.
8 - No other bikes can be used in a challenge, ie. your bike next to a Ducati. Some exceptions allowed, ie. you bike next to a bike cop.
9 - All challenges can be removed by moderators. At which point the postee of the challenge will be asked to change his current challenge. After being asked once and there is no change or challenger posts another crapy challenge then the prior challenge winner will pick a new one.

Examples - "Your motorcycle in a garage", "Your motorcycle crossing a river", "Your motorcycle with no engine", "Your motorcycle next to a firetruck" etc. Doesn't need to be a fancy picture, cell phones, whatever works.

Thanks guys. Remember, this thread is supposed to get guys to WANT to go ride right away and beat your friend to the picture challenge, be creative, but have limits. Thanks.

First Challenge:

Your bike in front of a sporting goods store.
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I'm cautiously optimistic too, Porky. But I don't want to get my hopes up quite you know in this area we can have 50s one week and snow the next:frown:
Picture attempt.

Yami and Inder side car in front of Tim Hortons. Drive through is at the rear.

Unkle Crusty*
On a roll.

Inder side car again with some stuff.
If this works, I will try and get with the current theme.

Unkle Crusty*
That's really neat looking Crusty. I'm sure it comes in really handy for transporting things to & from the island. How rough of a ride is the side car? I've often wondered that.

Side car is sprung, has about the same amount of travel as the bike.
I took the seat out so I can load more gear. I adjust the tow in, so the bike goes straight at 75 mph. The steering is heavy on account of the bikes steering geometry. I could make some changes to make the steering lighter, but that would sacrifice straight line high speed running.
So I put up with the heavy steering. Need a bike with less rake.
Also have the wrong front tyre on Yami, and the side car wheel is canted in at the top. Will fix both of those later.

The ferry only charges me for the bike, so it is a good deal. I take up about the same amount of room as a really small car. Seniors are half price Monday to Thursday. WA ferry charges a bit more for the side car.
In BC at 65 the medical card changes from blue to gold in colour. I call it my status card. Flash that at the ticket counter and the price drops.

Unkle Crusty*
Thanks for the pics! Looks like you really put the side car to good use.
Next challenge is Your bike next to or inside a tunnel. One that you drive/ride through. I'll be impressed with whoever gets this one:biggrin:
No tunnels in my neck of the woods and I don't feel like digging one!

Nice pic with the Cat equip... is that a Cat bike by some chance? :biggrin:
Good job Strom!

I was so close! 67 degrees here in MN today. I got the bike out of storage and went for the first ride of the season.

I saw CATs everywhere. Must be the start of construction season! I even saw a farm use tracked CAT.

Unfortunately I only know of 1 tunnel near me and it's on the most congested freeway in the state, with no place to stop for a photo! :(
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We have the tunnels under Baltimore, but no place to stop and take a picture.
Nice pic with the Cat equip... is that a Cat bike by some chance? :biggrin:
It does look like it fits right in there!!

CAT only made one prototype bike...
At about 15 mph it started bouncing all over the place! Not to mention the bucket on the front made it a nightmare in the twisties :biggrin:
There is always this one, not mine, but it is Cat heavy equipment.


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On the Island we call this the Tunnel. It is about 1 1/2 miles long.

Unkle Crusty
I think I would vote to accept this entry. If you google search "The Tunnel, Gabriola Island, BC it's clear that more than Unkle Crusty call it that. lol
Works for me... I'm guessing at night it's appears as much a tunnel as a hole through a mountain!

Guess we need to see if it's acceptable to Strom.
Didn't Cat have those yahoos at Orange County Choppers build them a corporate bike at some point?
That is beautiful Crusty. You should create an album on your CP page with more pics of your island. Many of us would sure enjoy it.
CP page

That is beautiful Crusty. You should create an album on your CP page with more pics of your island. Many of us would sure enjoy it.
What is a CP page?
Shirley just showed me how to post a picture.
Took the tunnel pic today with my phone. I have a bunch of old photos, but I need to find them, and I need a scanner, or get them scanned by the pros.
There are no street lights on the Island, so at night it is as dark as the inside of a black cow. The trees tend to make it darker.
The Tim Hortons shot is on the big island.

Unkle Crusty*
Scroll to the top of this page, right below Motorcycle Picture Challenge there is a line that has different things on it starting with Frontpage. Click on User CP and then when that page comes up click on your profile which will be on the left side below your User Name. These are the things listed across that line:

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Also, I don't know how you read the Forum but I use the New Posts Search on that same line so that only New Posts show up & I don't have to look through all of the sections.

Hope this helps!;)
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