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Motorcycle Picture Challenge....

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We did this on another bike forum and it was fun. The intent is to get out and ride to complete the challenge before someone else does. All you need to do is take a picture of your bike with the challenge item in the background.

The rules here are simple. Be sure to note them before creating the next challenge for the rest of us.

1 - Has to be YOUR motorcycle.
2 - Picture has to be taken after challenge is made.
3 - Challenge is good for 2 weeks, if it is not met, the previous picture poster picks a new challenge.
4 - Nothing illegal to be challenged.
5 - Keep comments to a minimum, if you comment, post the current challenge after your comment. In Bold Italics
6 - No repeat challenges.
7 - All challenges must be of your bike and a landmark, something most people can ride to or find in their area.
8 - No other bikes can be used in a challenge, ie. your bike next to a Ducati. Some exceptions allowed, ie. you bike next to a bike cop.
9 - All challenges can be removed by moderators. At which point the postee of the challenge will be asked to change his current challenge. After being asked once and there is no change or challenger posts another crapy challenge then the prior challenge winner will pick a new one.

Examples - "Your motorcycle in a garage", "Your motorcycle crossing a river", "Your motorcycle with no engine", "Your motorcycle next to a firetruck" etc. Doesn't need to be a fancy picture, cell phones, whatever works.

Thanks guys. Remember, this thread is supposed to get guys to WANT to go ride right away and beat your friend to the picture challenge, be creative, but have limits. Thanks.

First Challenge:

Your bike in front of a sporting goods store.
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Your bike with a small aircraft in the picture, plane or helicopter.
And hers the old chopper and tank
You call that an old chopper, I flew in those in my Army days, they were state of the art!

That really hurts me!:biggrin:
Well it's been sitting there out of commission for about 20 or so yrs.... Lol besides age brings wisdom so take it as a compliment.
Now that I think about it, I've been out of the Army for 33 years.
I've screwed myself out of the pic challenge for a bit. Was flying my f2d combat planes sunday and had one bite me. sliced two tendons on my clutch hand. amazing what 33k rpm and a carbon prop can do to a hand! no motorcycles a couple of months. :(
That is a dangerous sport! The reason I do it with a radio from a long ways away. No helmet required,

most of the time.
Our rain keeps coming with hail. Don't mind the rain, but the really hard water hurts. We had to dodge a storm today that had golf ball sized hail, hit about 10 minutes behind us.
F O squid. :coffeescreen:

I was trying to imply that I didn't wear shoes all that often. :biggrin:
So, how many teef duz ya have den?:biggrin:
There is always this one, not mine, but it is Cat heavy equipment.


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Second sign of it being a Ford, is the hood is open!:biggrin:
Yep, they're using it to jump start the Dodge.
I'll have to wait for my wife to get up, although she doesn't consider herself a lady, she rides a Raider and I just ride a little Victory.
Sure, by all means use the truck, just put the bike in the back of it.
I just went by ***** electric Saturday in Lexongton, NE, I was thinking of stopping and getting a picture, but I didn't.

Well, since I know where my 'alternative' is, going 'home' will be a vast improvement over this life. :)

That said... getting old DOES suck at times anyway! :p
I know you are old, but JEEZ! :biggrin:
We have them metaldoc, in fact, I have a thread on another forum where we go and find them and post them.

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History from just north of there. Not that it has anything to do with the challenge.

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Thanks Luvs2Play, a perfect fit IMO. Very interesting history which were 'big happenings' back in those days. My dad used to talk about being 'buzzed' by guys out on training flights when he was on the tractor. Pretty common practice according to old time area farmers.
Funny story about that era too. My dad, as just a kid, shot an arrow into a B-17 wing, it was totally an accident, but he heard about it! They did actually fly that low too, and to a kid, it was the logical thing to do.
At the time, my grandfather worked at the NAD and knew a lot of the guys flying since they lived in Clay Center. The arrow was never returned, but they did see and recognize my dad in the field. I love hearing these old stories, and now it's the only memory my dad has left.
Good job St. M! All the way home from church I was pondering a new challenge. You saved the day!

I'm going to sit this one out... my state's tree is in my front yard! :biggrin:
Mine is still standing dead in my back yard. The wind is taking it down a little at a time. Just about time to get John D. to push it the rest of the way down and stick it in the burn pile.
Hey Doc, the white water is making it's way down the Platte, there was some at GI yesterday, but there was no way I was going to be on the bike with all the wind and rain we have been having. It hasn't flooded yet, and may even go down some this week.
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