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Motorcycle Picture Challenge....

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We did this on another bike forum and it was fun. The intent is to get out and ride to complete the challenge before someone else does. All you need to do is take a picture of your bike with the challenge item in the background.

The rules here are simple. Be sure to note them before creating the next challenge for the rest of us.

1 - Has to be YOUR motorcycle.
2 - Picture has to be taken after challenge is made.
3 - Challenge is good for 2 weeks, if it is not met, the previous picture poster picks a new challenge.
4 - Nothing illegal to be challenged.
5 - Keep comments to a minimum, if you comment, post the current challenge after your comment. In Bold Italics
6 - No repeat challenges.
7 - All challenges must be of your bike and a landmark, something most people can ride to or find in their area.
8 - No other bikes can be used in a challenge, ie. your bike next to a Ducati. Some exceptions allowed, ie. you bike next to a bike cop.
9 - All challenges can be removed by moderators. At which point the postee of the challenge will be asked to change his current challenge. After being asked once and there is no change or challenger posts another crapy challenge then the prior challenge winner will pick a new one.

Examples - "Your motorcycle in a garage", "Your motorcycle crossing a river", "Your motorcycle with no engine", "Your motorcycle next to a firetruck" etc. Doesn't need to be a fancy picture, cell phones, whatever works.

Thanks guys. Remember, this thread is supposed to get guys to WANT to go ride right away and beat your friend to the picture challenge, be creative, but have limits. Thanks.

First Challenge:

Your bike in front of a sporting goods store.
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Not sure if this works, the owners name is Joe Savon so its kind of a pun
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its snowing today, on the second day of "spring", really bumming me out
I have the Advanced Riders Course (BRC2) this weekend. I shouldn't have a problem completing this challenge.
I'm thinking of taking that, let me know how it is
I have to say fantastic effort for a very difficult challenge!!
I agree! although I'm not crazy about the next challenge. I live on long island, where some parts of the south shore are still ravaged from hurricane sandy.

I can ride down there and complete this, but its not something I could say I would enjoy accomplishing
Thanks for the support
I thought of my challenge as chance to share than something tasteless. Looking forward to seeing some old theater! Also, south shore of long island and new jersey is a great run :).
I just did the whole north shore today, unfortunately all of the 2nd run theaters by my closed down, we do have a few independent ones, but they are playing fairly new movies
the dodge dealer down the road from me has a challenger painted that color, I'm going to try and knock this one out!

I went to the dodge dealer down the road to get this one, and on the way back i happen to see this evo, so I turned around quick, stopped on the side of the highway and got the picture. What were the chances on seeing another purple car on the way back from the dealership with the only purple car I've seen since this challenge started! woo!

Your bike next to two things that rhyme.. a cat and a hat, a house and a mouse etc etc (bad examples but I'm just trying to think outside the box, and hope someone gets creative!
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