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Motorcycle Petrol Caravan

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I came across this video and I thought folks might find it interesting. As I understand it, what we are seeing here is a caravan of gasoline smugglers, crossing the Pakistan / Iran border to evade US sanctions.

To me, this graphically illustrates how the motorcycle is used in fundamentally different ways elsewhere than we use them, or even conceive of as possible. Imagine a Toys-for-Tots group ride, where instead of a few teddy bears, each machine had 220+ pounds of flammable fuel strapped to it and was subject to military engagement at any point.

None of these machines appear to be "big bikes". I wouldn't be surprised if the vast majority of them were 500cc singles, or smaller.


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They probably haven't ever heard of ATGATT either.
I would say these guys are almost without a doubt already wearing all the gear that they own, and have long since purchased all the gear that they can afford.

And not a bit of black leather, eagle logos, or skull emblems in evidence.
That road, although narrow, looks better than the road I have use to get out of my place. For being where there is plenty of sand, it looks pretty hard packed. I'm pretty sure I could run my Indian down that thing and for sure Rollin' could on whatever he has now.
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