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Motorcycle Nostalgia – What’s Yer’ Own ‘Golden Age’ of Biking?! ;-)

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This is strictly a whimsical thread, definitely of no importance what so ever (perhaps the best kind of all?!). :D But as I write these thoughts in-between working my guts out (just like the rest of ya’s) during yet another Holiday season (aka get these orders out yesterday or Die!) I tend to reflect back on those past days which I consider at least to be my own Golden Age of Motorcycling, and those bikes and times that were (at least to me) special beyond belief. No, things are rarely as good as we all tend to remember em’ back when – and there’s no denying the fact that we all can only go forward (not backward) on whatever motorcycling trail we’ve all chosen to follow. Never the less, the past DID happen – the best of times and the worst of times. I try very hard to forget the bad part of it lest it intrude on the present – instead dwelling on some times that were just so fine that they could never ever happen again…. But at least they DID happen, nuff’ said?! ;-)

What do I tend to dwell on? The period ranging from 1975 to 1985 and/or there abouts most likely. My first DECENT (not crappy!) motorcycle – the one I could I could actually ride for more then 5 seconds WITHOUT busting down: that would be a 1974 Suzuki T500L Titan (Two-Stroke Twin). Purchased new for $1,045.00 Out the Door. I traveled some 45,000 miles within the next couple years on that ride. Next came a 1976 Suzuki GT750A LeMans, the first (considered back then) ‘big bike’ I was to own. Spent a LOT of time out in the Mojave with that ride – the heat couldn’t phase it! ;-) Years (and bikes) later I got a 1978 Honda GL1000 Gold-Wing. About 134,000+ miles later that truly was the one bike I did most of my serious traveling on. And still more years and bikes later, I got my second Harley, a 1981 FXS-80 Low-Rider (years later to have a second example and replacement of the same year and model machine…). That’s the one bike I consider had a bit of magic going for it (and for me), i.e., the one I went out with a lot of women on, when I was a lot younger, single, foot-loose and fancy free! ;-)

Back then NO responsibilities or issues – just do my 50+ hours a week in the factories, earn my meager pay, pay my bills and still have some coin left for bikes, biking, M/C runs and the ladies – what could be damn better?! Not friggin’ much, that’s for sure…. Sure seems like a long time ago now though. Aw well…... ;-)

LRG :cool:
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30 years on two wheels

i started out my motorcycling experience at the age of 4 on a 50cc suzuki first of the rms i believe, then moved up to a yamaha 80cc yz, them my first big bike was a 1975 yamaha 125cc enduro, i spent a great deal of time and put a lot of miles on the bike, then a yamaha yz125 when i became more serious about motocross, then spiraled through many motocross bikes suuki rm125, yz 125, then a yz 250, i then sparked an interest in sport bikes and bought a 1995 Kawi Ninja 750 I turned it into a custom looking bike almost a street fighter before they became popular. I got all the mecahnicals worked out and all the body work done almost ready to paint and then one day I took it out and rode it down an old curvy highway and got it up to about 90 and it got the shakes real bad and scared the hell out of me. she wobbled almost to the point to where i lost control of her. so I sold her and got a 1996 Kawi vulcan 800. I rode it for a summer and then went without a bike for about 5 years while i finished up college and the police academy. I bought a yz125 trying to regain my motocross skills but wound up just doing some trailriding for awhile. I then turned my interest to the yamaha xs650. I got into it real hard and bought a 1978 xs650 and made plans to turn her into a real old school japanese bobber. I got it to the point to where all i really had to do is throw it together and then i got hurt fighting a guy while i was arresting him and threw my back out of whack and wound up having surgery and was out of the loop for awhile. i thought i would never finish my bike ever. about three months after recovering i felt great and went to look at some new bikes and thats when I bought my 2007 Harley Davidson Dyna streetbob. in a nut shell i have had a pretty good run with bikes and i wouldn't be who I am today with out my experiences on my motorcycles.

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My golden age was the early 80's in High School (Oh no, I'm Al Bundy). I rode a Yamaha AT3 Street/trail. My school was surrounded by woods, so we could park the bikes out of sight, then just cut out down over the hill and ride off when we wanted to ditch class. I was also the skinny nerdly kid, and the last person anyone expected to see on a bike. This was when riders were still considered evil, so people didn't know what to think. I also rode my Dad's CB450 a lot, shook like a Harley down low, but when you hit 5,000 rpms, look out. My dream bike was the FXRS when it came out in 1982 and I finally got one in 2007.
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