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In another venue, that is more social media / picture content oriented, I enjoy looking at a group named "Motorcycle Logistics". This group encourages folks to post examples of the use of two wheeled vehicles for transporting stuff, above and beyond what is considered normal use. Some of these pictures are pretty amazing, both in terms of creative use of the machines, and sheer audacity / foolishness. I'll share a couple of my favorites here, for a little fun on a day when riding for me, is out of the question.

Looks like somebody is planning a party
, that's a 50cc machine pulling all that golden juice:

Choppers were popular when I was a kid, and they would do a thing called "truckin'". This rider combines both:

I like the federally mandated side marker lights.

Pickup truck!, I don't need no stinkin' pickup truck!

That 24 foot ladder is 12 feet long!

Loud pipes may or may not save lives, but this guys pipe has another role intended:
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