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I'm looking into motorcycle gear, I am planning on getting my learners licence soon.
I've done a fair bit of research and watched FortNine's YouTube video on motorcycle gear, but i'm still having some trouble.
So from what I've looked up, a good idea is to get a leather jacket with removable armour, and some Kevlar riding jeans, gloves, helmet and boots/work boots.
The most trouble I have is finding jeans, they are either all Kevlar but only have knee armour or they are only part Kevlar in the thigh, knees, (sometimes back) and hip but have hip and knee armour.
Also, from what I've researched, its best to stay away from polyester/nylon for jackets/jeans.
I do have a budget, but I don't want to get the cheapest of the cheap.

What i've found so far:
I found a jacket I like so far in my price range, its cowhide leather on the outside, has armour pockets for back, shoulder and elbows. Its a pretty basic leather jacket though.
As for pants, I found some full Kevlar ones but only have knee amour.
I'm still looking for a full face helmet.
I have work boots with a steal toe.
Still looking for gloves.

Any feedback/help on finding good protective gear would be appreciated! Thank you.
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