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Morning everyone,

So, I'm looking for a motorcycle that I can commute on for about 15miles or 20km everyday and the everyday speeding on the freeway, one of the things that I need is some sort of cargo area to put my helmet during class and my gym bag for later in the day, next year I'm going to college, but I'm not sure if I get in in the one that's 10km from home or the one that's 65km from home, confort is something kind of important since a lot of roads where I live are in stone(I live in Europe) so it's the type of stone that you see in the Italian streets.
Once a year for about 2weeks I say at a beach house and I travel with the clothes for about 50km.
I love the twisties, but have never experienced off road on a motorcycle.
Any motorcycle I chose has to have a max 35kw.
Im coming from a yamaha xmax 125, that I don't really like, so the bike that I'll buy will kind of be my first bike, although I have quite a lot of hours in city traffic from taking my drivers test.

With this I came to the conclusion of a naked or an adv bike, for naked is was thinking of the z650
As an adventure bike I was looking at the f700gs used, I've riden it and it's amazing, height isn't that big of a deal I can manage.
Any help would be of use, thank you.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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