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Hi Everyone!

I was just wondering if I could get some help from some of you. I’m a student in my final year of university studying Computer Science, and am designing a prototype data logger for use with motorcycles to try and improve safety.

For the project I need to get some feedback as to the features that motorcyclists, other than myself, would like from a product of this kind. The system currently measures speed, location, lean angle, wheel locks/skids, altitude, and temperature when the system is used on a journey. After the journey you can remove the memory card from the system and review your journey through a website.

I’ve made a simple website mock-up showing a real journey, which allows you to see the types of information the system can log and let you visualise.

I would be very grateful visit my website and fill out the quick multiple-choice survey to help me. If you have any additional feedback please reply below.


Please use the ‘?’ icons on the website to find out about the features of each widget.

Unfortunately lean-angle data on the website is erroneous due to a bug in the software, and has since been fixed.
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