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The last motorcycle crash causation study, the Hurt Report was done in 1981. It led to many benefits for bikers, including improved training courses and bike improvements, and the rate of fatal crashes went down in the years up to the mid-90s.

The replacement study was announced in October 2009, as authorized by the SAFETEA-LU bill. The study is having a rocky start. Overspending and mismanagement of the pilot study has led to one of the major sponsors, MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) withholding their promised funds. The scope of the study has since been trimmed to only 300 crashes, far fewer than the 900 to 1200 originally required, which is what all experts agree is needed for good statistics. There are full details about this issue at the Crash Study Petition Fact Page, including the official statements, stakeholders and background information.

Bikers need this new study because 5290 bikers died last year in crashes, and the number is more than doubling each decade. We don't fully understand why, and we need good crash causation information to ride safely and inform public policy. The new study has the potential to find the current causes of crashes, and identify successful riding strategies that might work for us all.

The stakeholders need to figure out a way to use our tax dollars wisely and ensure the study samples 900 to 1200 crashes, as originally required.

There's a petition under way . Bikers have a stake in this outcome, and we need to have a voice in the issue. Please sign the petition and help get the word out.
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