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Most worthless item on your bike/trike/scooter

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With manufacturers adding everything except the kitchen sink to bikes, what do is find is the most worthless if anything.
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The radio/audio system and all four speakers. I have pretty significant hearing loss so the radio or other audio sounds like useless noise to me unless I am stopped or riding at under 30 mph. Even when I could hear better I found music or other audio to be a distraction that added nothing to my enjoyment of riding. Even on long rides I prefer the silence (if you can call engine, road and wind noise silence). I would prefer more locked storage in the space taken up by all four speakers on my current ride.

I'll add the Engine Cut Off Switch which we commonly call the "kill switch". I've never found it of any value, and have on occasion thought something was wrong with the motorcycle when it wouldn't start or the engine shut off while riding, only to realize after awhile that I had accidentally hit the kill switch into the off position.
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