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Most worthless item on your bike/trike/scooter

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With manufacturers adding everything except the kitchen sink to bikes, what do is find is the most worthless if anything.
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A small parking light in the headlight assembly. It's a T10 bulb that's barely bright enough to be seen 20 feet away. It's on all the time the headlight is on, and stays on if I turn the key to the P position (which also lights up the tail light). It burned out a couple years ago and I've never bothered to replace it.

Even the whole parking light idea is pretty worthless. Considering the amount of battery oomph it takes to start that boxer motor, leaving the parking light on for more than an hour is risking a no-start situation.
That's to fulfill UK requirements for a front and rear lights when parked on a certain class of road.
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You don't need a horn. According to YouTube, you should pull the clutch and over-rev your engine!
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They also help keep the riders hands warm in cold weather.
For many years, I had a pair of cheap Tusk hand guards (single-mount) on my CX500 to block the wind in cold weather. The most pronounced effect seemed to be the eddies of cold air they created right at my finger tips!
I took them off last spring when trying different bars. Now that it's getting colder, I have to say they did help a little. I'll probably refit them when I restore the stock handlebar.
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