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Most worthless item on your bike/trike/scooter

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With manufacturers adding everything except the kitchen sink to bikes, what do is find is the most worthless if anything.
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I live 11 miles from the City, on my Farm and rides in all compass directions shows 'Roadkill,' everywhere, with Turkey Buzzards, the size of small CROP dusters enjoying the Buffett and the only way to get them airborne is to start HONKING the HORN, a couple of hundred yards away, Car, Truck, Motorcycle, Scooter or Senior Tricycle like I now ride/ drive. Some of those flying carnivores will stay glued to their delicious meal until the last second! :sick:

Years ago I got taken out by a Turkey Vulture on my Sportster going around a corner at 60 mph. The next thing I see is the ground, sky, ground, sky ! Wasn't fun at all.
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