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Most worthless item on your bike/trike/scooter

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With manufacturers adding everything except the kitchen sink to bikes, what do is find is the most worthless if anything.
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I also agree with the horn.

The stock Aprilia one is a total joke.

Here in the Philippines you need a loud horn and you need to use it often, as people treat the streets like it's their living room, and they have a FY attitude to any/all drivers/riders.

Then you have thousands of dogs roaming the streets, as well as other assorted animals.

A loud horn is a MUST.
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The passenger seat on a sport bike. You thought the rider has a crappy riding position?

Mine is on a shelf & a solo cowl in its place.
I have a cowl over the rear of the Aprilia seat as well.
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I am on board with the stock seats, on all my bikes except the R1 had banana seats and I love the Corbin's and Seargent's I have bought for the wings and the sport bikes.
I had a solo Mustang seat on the FXST. I really liked it, but since it was a saddle, it had no back support so longer rides were uncomfortable.

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